The best hidden Gem in Mt Aspiring

Do you like bang for your buck? If you said yes, keep reading. If not keep reading because we all know everyone likes a bang for their buck. That bang being insane views and your buck being little effort. 

I’m not going to lie, it sadly took me 3 years to get around to doing this hike, because we leave the best for last right? I find the longer I’m in NZ the more hikes get added to my long list of must dos and so the original ones seem to get lost. With the borders still being shut it’s given me a prime opportunity to get back into ticking those OG hikes off the list and hence the deep dive into my notes where I store all must do hiking list. 

If you love glaciers, waterfalls and epic views, then you have come to the right place. Rob Roy glacier hike is here to give you all the serotonin you need. If you are sitting there thinking there’s no way you are going to convince me to hike for 8 hours uphill, don’t zone out just yet. You may find this will become your new favourite hike. 

Can you commit 1.5 hours of your life? Because with it being one of the easier hikes around Wanaka you won’t regret making the effort. You start your journey in Mount Aspiring national park, parking at Raspberry flat carpark. Its roughly 400m in elevation gain, which for epic views, you can admit, it’s not that much. With blue water rivers and beautiful green forests keeping you distracted enough to forget about the uphill action your legs are doing its not long until your enter a valley of what I like to call dreams. You’ll understand when you see it for yourself.

So here’s what you need to know.
It’s 10k return, 450m elevation gain, roughly 4 hours return. You’ll need water and snacks (always). If needed it’s by a river so you could fill up from the glacial fed river but its best to take some anyway. 

Convinced? If I haven’t convinced you to do the easiest hike for how high the reward is, then you can probably confirm hiking isn’t for you! 

So if you’ve had enough and still haven’t added this to your hiking list, then you can check out now because if you are after a little bit extra for the day, there is a few detours which I highly recommend. Once you get to the end of the track, at the look out point, you can walk down to the river and head right where you’ll find yourself walking towards a big glacier. The closer you get the more you’ll feel the cool breeze of the wind blowing through the crevasse of the mountains and here you’ll be close to some magnificent waterfalls. If you fancy getting numb feet and think you can handle the pain, you can actually cross the river (at some points where the water is low and only if it hasn’t been raining. Be careful and do your own research and judgment call on making this decision. #safetyfirst) for me the water was barely up to my knees and while I was grinding my teeth through the sharp cold pains of the fresh glacial water, it was worth it for the 2 second on uncomfortable pain. If you have the whole day and you’ve made the effort to get here, my motto in life is you may as well. So you may as well go on that extra little adventure and make the most out of your day.

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